Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hello Again

Well, it's been a while.

Have spent the last few months looking for work and contemplating moving state to get work.

So anyway, I went to Darwin over the weekend.  It was surprisingly pleasant.  So now I'm looking for work in Darwin.  I haven't given up on work here, but it  looks like there is well paid work up there and bugger all down here.

It was great to be up there and good to catch up with lots of people.  On Monday I had lunch with a friend who lives in Sydney.  We lived down the road from each other in Bungendore.  She moved to Sydney and I moved to Tasmania.  By pure coincidence, we were in Darwin for the same three days. 

I stayed with my brother for one night while up there.  He lives at the place my parents used to live in.  It's a gorgeous tropical paradise.  Here's a little indication of what it looks like and what one might do while there:

Feet up, beer in hand. Seriously can't complain.

Back in Tas now and I've decided to apply for work in both Tas and Darwin and see what happens. 

It was great to be around people I know and in a place where I feel comfortable.  As much as I love it in Tas, I haven't been able to establish myself here other than having a mortgage on the house. 

I think I'd like to spend more time sitting on the verandah drinking beers with my brother.