Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back at one of the homes

I'm going to Canberra tomorrow.  First time in two years and I'm pretty excited about seeing lots of people.

Have realised that I've swapped a crappy lifestyle and great job with a great lifestyle and a crappy job.  Hmmm.  You can't have everything.

In the mean time, I dobbed the employer in for unsafe work places.  The place was inspected the other day.  They phoned me on Monday to let me know that they didn't want to be too picky as it might lead to the owner closing the place down.  Frankly, this wouldn't bother me, but there are about 10 other people working there that probably need the job, so I wont push it.

Will spend the weekend going to parties and drinkies with mates.  So looking forward to it.  There are loads of people I love and miss in Canberra.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honey Eaters

My next door neighbour's front gutter seems to have a blocked down-pipe.  This probably doesn't sound particularly exciting, but it is.  It means that the gutter is always full of water and hence full of birds having baths.  Here's a New Holland Honey Eater fresh out of the bath.

I love watching them.  About six pm is the best time and now that we have daylight savings I get to see lots of activity.

The next shot does, in fact, show the bird in the bath but it's a bit of a blur.  I've included it as the backdrop is the view across the river, which is nice.

So it's nice seeing a bit of the wildlife having some fun.

In the interim I am still applying for jobs left right and centre.  One day I'll get a job with a better outlook.

I took the risk by leaping down here.  Now it's nearly two years since the move.  I'm happy with everything bar the job, so that sounds like a success to me.  The garden (one of the main reasons for coming here) is spectacularly gorgeous and I'm enjoying seeing birds sitting in bushes and trees I planted less than two years ago.  What a privilege.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Two things

My mate, Ampersand Duck, has a bit of a thing about typewriters.  So I thought I'd post this:

My brother gave me this years ago.  It's in its box and folds up all ready to carry around.  It's a beautiful piece of machinery.  I have no idea how old it is but it must be early twentieth century. 

In the mean time, I thought I'd treat myself and went to the garden place last weekend to get some veg for the season.  Someone there obviously had several trees/bushes which were producing gorgeous flowers.  They were selling bunches for $3 a pop. 

So I have fresh flowers in the house which is a bit unusual.  Fantastic to have a Waratah in the house.  And I'm very pleased that it matches the gorgeous quilt in the background made by my mother.

The table underneath belonged to my grandmother.  I didn't know her, but it's great to have a little bit of her life in mine.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saving Daylight

It'a always a bit of a shift when daylight savings starts.  It 'gets late early' as my mother says.

Today I was invited to a mega veg cooking class and lunch.  The food was fantastic.  I was invited by one of the women from work.  It's strange, but I see three of the people from work outside of work, but getting them all together in one place would be pretty difficult.  They are very different people.

In the mean time, here's an embroidery I did years ago.  It's based on Elizabethan costume and a weird etching I done done.  It was a combination of computer stuff, etchings, printings and embroidery.

And for a bit of novelty, here are some gorgeous creatures I picked up in Wagga a couple of years ago.
They're lovely.  Made of plastic and wire.  I think they were made in Africa.  The images behind them are from me, and the thing in the frame is a beautiful silverpoint drawing Ruth Hingston . She does gorgeous stuff.