Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's working well at the moment

Well.  I'm a week and a half into my new job.  It's hard physical work, which is great as I'm getting fit and losing a little bulk.  It's a funny job.  I've never worked in a factory before and it's a very odd experience.

One bit of good  news is that all the drawings sold at the exhibition opening on Wednesday.  I feel a little bereft that my kittens wont be coming home, but the cash will be very welcome.

The best news is that my marvellous little brother has been visiting for a few days.  Here's a quick shot of us at the front of the house.

He's been fixing stuff all over the house, which is wonderful.  He's replaced the heater in the loungeroom which hasn't been working for months, replaced all of the locks on the front and back doors, and today finished installing a door knocker that I started putting in but lost interest in.

Gonna miss him when he leaves.  Not just because he fixes stuff.  He is also very good company and great to have around.  Love him lots.

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