Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Someone asked me other day whether the move to Tasmania had worked out for me.  I had to think about this for a moment and then came up with the answer that I had moved here because it was a place where I could afford to buy (with a mortgage) a house and garden.  I moved from this:

This was on a property outside of Canberra and I rented it for $140 per week.  Not much to look at, but the views were spectacular and I got to create the garden.

I realised that I had achieved my goal.  I'm very happy with this little house and am working on the garden and enjoying such mundane things as keeping the lawn mown.  Here it is a few months ago:

The climate here is fantastic.  It never gets really hot or really cold.  This is a distinct difference to Canberra, where I spent the previous 30 years.  It's also far more liveable than Darwin, where I came from originally.

Oddly enough, for someone born in Darwin, I have always wanted to live in Tasmania, and am very happy that I'm here.  The food is fantastic and the place is beautiful.  The cats and I are really enjoying the place.

The only caveat is the job.  I didn't expect to be working in a factory for minimum wage.  A bit naively, I didn't know such places still existed.  I assumed all workplaces kept up with the times.  You know what I mean.  Things like industrial relations, people using things like e-mail to communicate, facilities for staff, being civil to one another and treating everyone in the workplace with respect.  I like most of the people there, but it is a very strange place.

I'm sure I'll get a proper job eventually.  I have a day off on Friday and intend to spend it nagging people at the local TAFE to give me some teaching work.  I have to find something else soon as I'm currently paying half of my salary on the mortgage.  This is more an indicator of appalling rates of pay than a massive mortgage.  It's not a sustainable situation.

In the mean time, I'm establishing connections in the local arty community and keep on applying for work. 

Something will turn up.

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Ampersand Duck said...

Of course it will. You are a very resourceful person. Meanwhile, do you have any time to make stuff (like arty stuff? for markets, or just for yourself)?