Friday, September 30, 2011

Gotta love spring

Life continues to surprise me.  I had no idea that high blood pressure made you feel like not doing anything.  I just thought I was a slack bastard. 

Anyway, these days I have loads more energy.  I've decided to make Fridays my giving back day.  I'm volunteering with a local arts organisation and really enjoying it.  Thought I'd make the next step and become a blood donor.  Ah well, it appears that my various health 'issues' need to be sorted out and approved before I give blood.    It's still possible, but I need to get the doctors approval before I do so.

In the mean time, the garden is f*n wonderful.  Mowed the lawn this afternoon and the place looks like a park.  One of the lovely things about gardening here is that we have bumblebees.  I'd never seen them before I moved here.  They are are pretty impressive.  Here's one fertilising my broad beans (which are just setting pods, whoopee).

Sorry about the quality of the photo, but it was moving too fast.


The Elephant's Child said...

You have done a heap better than me in capturing a bee in a photo. Brown blurr is my best. An exciting time of year isn't it?
It is great that you are enjoying your volunteer work. What sort of age groups? And good luck with the blood thing.

Cat Drawings said...

Love the springy thing. And the bumblebees are amazing.
I'm doing office work with the volunteering so age groups are about the same as mine. Nice to be around like people.