Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some things I has done

Have been working at the sweatshop and have produced some not bad prints.  This is especially impressive given the equipment.  I'm working with supercover inks and 70T mesh.  This does not actually compute.  It's a bit like pushing peas through a tea towel.  Should be 43T to get a good print.  However, I'm a little pleased with the way these worked out.  Here they are:

I'm probably breaching copyright by posting this, but it's about the quality of the print, not the design (which I also had to do lots with, not that I'm being paid as a designer!)

Think I found this design in a Mountain Designs catalogue with a slightly different outcome.  Lets not talk about copyright here.  I hope you are impressed by the precision with which I managed to line up the banana and the rope.

Have also been looking at some of my old paintings.  Here's one being interfered with by Peter Rabbit:
This was done on MDF with some bits of frayed canvas attached and then painted over.  It's part of a series of nine and looks a bit shiny.  Must learn how to take proper photos of artwork at some stage.

I'm being interviewed again tomorrow.  It's for a job as a 'Program Support Officer' for a general practice up the road in Ulverstone.  Sounds really interesting.  The selection criteria actually asked for ability to work as part of a team.  I'd love that.  I really miss my team mates from CIT and would like to work in a collaborative environment.  It's strange where I am at the moment in that the management makes deliberate moves to isolate everyone and set up a 'dog eat dog' atmosphere.

On the union front, I think I'll ask them tomorrow for a copy of the 'award'.  It's supposed to be provided to everyone by the employer, but I haven't seen any copies around.  I have one, but want to stir the possum by asking the boss to do what is legally required.

Can't help being a bit of shit stirrer.


Kate Ward said...

noice registration! and fingers crossed re PSO x

Cat Drawings said...

Thanks Kate. No luck with the job, but it's nice that someone at least recognises the challenges of registration.