Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red Raggin'

Ah.  Couldn't help myself.

Was confronted by the owner the other day with a shirt that I had printed.  'Are you happy with this?' he said.  I replied 'Not particularly'.  Then I explained about the defficiencies of the mesh and the requirements of the ink.  High cover inks need 43T mesh, not 70T.  Screen printers will know what this means.  He walked away after telling me they'd done it effectively for 20 years and my work was not up to scratch.  Then he and his wife packed up all the shirts to send to the school.  They obviously weren't that bad.

Hennyway.. This gave me the irrits.  So the next day,  I took documents to work.  I took the National Employment Standards, the Award, the document supposed to be given to everyone within weeks of starting work  (which I'd never seen before) and the current pay scales for our industry.  I left them all on the table in the 'tea' room.  These are all required (by law) to be provided, but haven't been. So I've actually done the owner a favour and kept him within the law by providing the information.

One of my colleagues came to tell me later that she had been told by the owner that there were no longer levels for pay in the award.  The stuff I provided clearly showed that this was complete rubbish.

Most hilariously, one of the owners went into the tea room and took the pay scale page.  This was achieved by folding up the page and stuffing it up her jumper.  The page was later returned.

In the mean time, I have discovered that many of my work mates are being paid even less than I am.  I can't survive on my salary.  I don't know how they cope.  I know some of them have other jobs.  This is just wrong.

After the owners found my contribution, there was much slamming of doors and grumbling and checking of my work.  I thought (hoped!) that I would be sacked.

I'll deviate here and just say that I've come to understand that people expect from others that which they assume for themselves.  Dishonest people assume everyone else is dishonest.  Mean people assume everyone else is mean.  Idiots like me assume everyone else has everyone else's best interests at heart.  Man!  I try to be a bit aware, but I just assume kindness.  And it isn't there.

Thank Ceiling Cat (thanks Car) for the moon:


Ampersand Duck said...

Ahhhhh pretty sky.

Loving this stance. They're probably only keeping you on now for fear that if they sack you, you'll run to the authorities. Pigpeople.

heather said...

Wow Jo, you're my hero. I applaud your courage and leadership.