Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorely tempted

My dream job might be advertised this weekend.  I know it's coming up and I'm crossing all appendages that I'll at least get an interview.

The job is ideal because it's about promoting art in the community.  I am really passionate about making art accessible to everyone.  Art should help to form the soul of communities.  In  fact it does just that.  People don't see how much they are exposed to art, design and general creativity in every day life.  All the computer design, streetscapes, shop windows, newspapers and magazines, house and street designs, everything on the internet, blah, blah, blah are the result of someone having an idea.  Admittedly the ideas aren't always good.

A while ago, I ran a small gallery in country New South Wales.  One of the goals I set for the place was to make art accessible to everyone.  It would be great if people understood that they can own good original art for about the same price as a print bought from Hardly Normal or a print shop.  I promoted the work of local artists in a street shopfront. 

Art should not be a means of separating people.  It should be a source of enjoyment and in some cases  unite people.  This doesn't mean it should never be confronting.  There's plenty of room for that.  I just believe that it should be a part of everyone's life and that it shouldn't be a part of any artificial barriers in class, money or anything else.  I believe that much of the art 'culture' has set up structures that divorce the community from the enjoyment to be gained from original art.

So there.  That's what I think.

In the mean time, here's a pic of one of the cat's and I.

We both have impressive dark eyebrows.

Oh. And the reason I am sorely tempted is that I spent most of the day rehearsing my resignation speech to the sweatshop owners.  If I am very, very lucky, I will be out of there some time in the next month.  It's tempting to quit and see what happens, but I have a mortgage and can't yet take that leap.

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