Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Is a terrible mother

A few weeks ago I posted about getting a new kitten.  It was so exciting.  As I type this she's watching the script unroll across the screen.  The monitor is covered in kitten footprints as she's chased the curser and the text happening. 

Here she is:

Now I'm going to do something dreadful to her.

Right now I have three cats.  Two big 'uns and a little 'un.  They aren't getting on, so I've decided that little one needs a new home.ZZZZZZZZ  (Little cat just typed that.)  She is such a gorgeous little creature, but she spends most of her time avoiding the older cats as they bully her horribly.   When she interacts with me, she sits on my shoulder as I walk around the place and she purrs incredibly loudly.  But when the other cats are around she hides in the laundry and wont come out until they've gone elsewhere.

So I've posted on Freecycle and someone has responded.  She sounds really keen.  But I'm so nervous about giving a kitten away. (As I typed that the kitten chased the text and fell sideways.  She's a character.)  I really hope she's going to a good home, but I wont know.

Most people would say 'She's a cat'.  'Get over it', but I'm an enormous sook and want all little creatures to have a good life.

Oh, and I didn't get the job.  Need to have a major rethink about all sorts of stuff, not just the cat companions.

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