Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Que Sera Sera

For the last few weeks I've been focused on a job that I really wanted.  Everything's been put on hold a bit while I waited to find out whether the job came through.

The advert for the job happened.  I got all of the info necessary and wrote my application.  The list of stuff they wanted could've been written to suit my quals and experience.

Last week, I was interviewed for the job.  It wasn't a good experience.  I think I was just too desperate.  They told me that there would be a result by today.  I've heard nothing, so I assume that I did not get the job.

I took an enormous leap to move here - mostly for the fact that I could (theoretically) own a house and garden. Of course this all depended on getting a job to pay the mortgage.  The job I have at the moment pays an amount that means that 50% of my income goes on the mortgage.  This wasn't what I expected.

Given that the dream job doesn't appear to have materialised, it looks as though I have some big decisions coming up.  I can't afford to stay here if I don't get a better paid job.  That means selling up and finding somewhere else for the three cats and I.

One of the options is going to live in Darwin with my brother.  That would be rent free.  But I left Darwin 30 years ago because it was awful.  I know it's changed, but the climate sucks.  I find it hard to 'do' hot weather.

Anyway, all of this is a whinge and I really don't want to do that.  Just a bit sad that things aren't looking like working out and I'll need to make some further sacrifices.  Boo hoo.  It's a bugger being a middle aged single woman.

But having just watched the 'New Inventors' I understand that I'm bloody lucky not to need any of the inventions they just featured - wheelchair, specs and IV pole.

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Kate Ward said...

stay positive and hang in there!
Im sure the right thing will turn up for you.