Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day by day

Here's a little shot out of the lounge room window

Not sure what type of bird it is, but there are a few of them around.  Might be a Silvereye.  

My neighbour's house is a little downhill from me so I get to see their gutter.  Fortunately for me, their gutters are ferked, which means water collects.  The birds love it, so I get to see them all having a bath.  There are New Holland Honey Eaters, Blackbirds and other mysteries.  Love it.

Still sitting on my bum doing much of nothing at all at work.  Last week I even asked the boss to sack me.  No response.  So today I'm applying for a job as a 'Funeral Arranger'.  Suppose that used to be known as a funeral director.  I think I could cope.  I found a friend dead once.  Not a pleasant experience, but I think it gives me an idea of what it's like to live with death.  I reckon I could do a good job at this...

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