Friday, August 26, 2011

Murphy's Law

Had a fun day on Monday.  Went out to the back step to sit in the sun while I had my morning coffee only to discover a bit of a plumbing problem.  Seriously backed up sewerage.  So, I called work and said I wouldn't be in and waited for the plumbers to arrive.  They turned up and needed access to the back yard for their vehicle, so I moved my car into the street.  All good.  Half an hour later the drain was functioning again.  I decided to leave the car where it was as this is a pretty safe neighbourhood.

Later in the day after dark,  I was sitting in the studio and fartling around with the computer, as one does.  There was a knock at the door so I answered.  It was the neighbour from across the road.  Always good to see her.  Anyway, she told me that she had just backed into my car.  Oops.

We both went out to have a look at the car.  Couldn't see much damage but it was dark by this time, so I decided to go and get a bit more light to check out the damage.  Trotted off to the front door only to find the bloody thing was locked.  Oh bugger. 

Fortunately, my bedroom window was open so we broke in.  I had to get a leg up, which reminds me of how unfit I am and also of how insecure my house is.  Ah well.

On another topic, today I organised with the company owner to only work four days a week.  Will use my Fridays to do arty and hopefully dosh producing stuff.  It was driving me nuts to sit around for  eight and a half hours a day doing nothing.  This is better for the boss, but will be a struggle financially for me.  With a bit of luck, I'll find something else soon.

So today I'm fiddling in the garden sorting out the veg patch.  It is a fabulously beautiful spring day, so am enjoying it all.  Strange how it feels incredibly invigorating to not be at work on a week day.

Also dropped past the place where I narrowly missed out on my dream job.  It appears that the person they chose isn't quite working out.  Hmmmm.  Fingers crossed she'll move on and they'll call me.

In the mean time, the cats are keeping me amused.  And here they are:

I seriously want to come back as one of my own cats.  Golly I'm a good cat parent.


The Elephant's Child said...

What a vile day. One of those days where everything comes apart in your hands.

I love the cats. And was fascinated to learn that someone else wants to come back as one of their own cats. A difficult feat. Perhaps we could arrange a swap.

Cat Drawings said...

The day wasn't that bad. I just laughed at most of what happened. Sometimes it's the only possible response.

And yes! I like the swap idea. But it still might be a little difficult existentially.

Ampersand Duck said...

Me three for coming back as my cat/s. I rang a radio station when I was 13 and told them the same thing. My mother (listening to the radio on the way home from work) was quite startled. I have never changed my mind.

You are a GREAT cat parent, as is EC, whom I have just met in person.

Man, I love those days. Not. How, in the end, was the car?

(WV= grisly)