Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poor thing

My neighbours (over the back fence ) have a dog.  I'm sure she's a lovely thing but tonight when I was hanging out my washing, she was crying.  This isn't the first time.

I'm at home most of the time at the moment so I know when anyone is about.  This poor dog gets no company at all.  I think I've seen people in their yard maybe once in the last two weeks.

What should I do?  I've had a bit of a barney with the neighbour about something insignificant but would like to offer to walk the dog.  She needs company.  I understand that that is the nature of dogs.

Might call the RSPCA tomorrow for their advice.

Any advice is welcome.


The Elephant's Child said...

Your idea of walking the dog sounds a wonderful solution. Tricky to negotiate though without your neighbour feeling that she is not behaving well (which she isn't). Perhaps you could phrase it in such a way that she thinks she is doing you a favour ....'I really could do with more exercise and if I had made a commitment to walk your dog I would have to do it' Or something like that.
And I would be interested in hearing what the RSPCA has to say though that is also fraught with danger.

Cat Drawings said...

EC, You're back! Hope the smaller portion is recovering well.

Thanks for your advice. I need to work out whether to mind my own business, but I worry about that little doggy soul. I've never been a 'dog' person, but I worry about her.

Cat Drawings said...

Oh, and have a look at my previous post. I think you might find it amusing.