Sunday, September 16, 2012

Having fun in the studio

I've been playing in the studio quite a bit lately.

Here are some bits and pieces:

She  has a new home.  A friend in Canberra has bought her.

Called this one Mouselini:

 And this one is one of my faves:

Oh Whoops.  Can't find it in the morass that is the brain of my marvellous Mac.  Maybe later.

Here she is:

Anyway, plans continue for the big shift up North.  This week I'm going to sell most of the furniture.  I hope this will pay for the move.

It's great to be playing around with the arty stuff.   Makes life far more bearable.  Provides a little purpose.

It's nice to see several paintings at the same time.  I had thought I was being horribly cliched by doing only paintings of cats.  But now I see they are all quite different.  So maybe I'll keep playing with them.


The Elephant's Child said...

Keep playing. I am currently in love with Mouselini. Would you consider sending this bruser to Canberra as well? I would be more than happy to buy him unless someone else has first dibs.

The Elephant's Child said...

Bruiser. Repeat after me, bruiser. He is a gem.

Cat Drawings said...

He's your's EC. Send me an address to post him to. To jo dot hansen62 at gmail dot com.

I'm so glad he has a home.