Sunday, September 19, 2010

More job attempts

Only did one drawing this week.  It was so awful, I squished it and chucked it in the recycle bin.  Looked like something by the people who do South Park.

Had an appointment to talk to someone about my CV and WHY THE HELL CAN'T I GET A JOB!  Haven't had much good advice about this so far.  Apparently I am overqualified.  For gawd's sake! I wouldn't apply for the jobs if I didn't want them.  My quals are irrelevant. 

Have set up the drawing board and am going to work on this shot next:

Love the way it makes her head look huge.  She's a pretty brainy cat.

Still making bags and looking into doing market stall stuff.  They don't seem to have a selection process.  Just turn up with a table and $15!  Will do so in a couple of weeks.

First cat drawing went to her new home in Bathurst this week.

I hope she and her new family are very happy together.

Am now being entertained by Dusty attempting to scratch her way through the cat drawings on the screen.  Wonder what that's all about.

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