Monday, September 13, 2010

Self Employment

I've been looking for a job recently, without much success.  I've had a vague plan for ages of making things and selling them at one of the local markets.

To this end, I've finally got around to making a few bags.  I was recently sent a batch of upholstery fabric samples and these are good and sturdy and seem to work well.

Here's the result so far:

I'd also like to print on some plain bags.  I'm working on designs based on some of my drawings, and yes, there will be cats.  Other subjects will include the local Tasmanian wildlife and landscape.  I live quite close to Mt Roland
 Image borrowed from

and it's a pretty spectacular backdrop for everything.  It would work well as it has a great silhouette. Will post more as they develop.

In the lead up to Christmas and also the tourist season, I think these might be a bit of a winner.  I can but try.

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