Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I quit my job.

I've never left a place of employment under those circumstances.

Usually I give heaps of notice and train my replacement, but today, I'd had enough.

Yesterday the owner's daughter was incredibly rude to me.  She's always sure to call me 'Darlin'' when she does so.  I find this really offensive.  I've asked her not to call me that, but she persists.  Patronising sod. 

Today I was called into the office and confronted with printing that was allegedly under par.  The boss started on his usual rant, so I just butted in and said -'Consider this my notice'.

I gave him a letter saying that I would be finishing next Monday, but after an hour or so of nothing to do, I decided to leave.

I am sooooo relieved to not be there.  My whole body has relaxed.

However, now I have a mortgage to deal with no job, and not able to get on to the dole for quite some time.



The Elephant's Child said...

If your body has relaxed that quickly it was undoubtedly the right decision. All digits crossed that a new job turns up quickly. How was the interview you mentioned in your last post?

Cat Drawings said...

Interview was fine, but you never know....

However, I was phoned today and offered a part time job in the arts (The Yarts).

Looks like I wont have to move out of the house.

The Elephant's Child said...