Sunday, January 22, 2012


My last post was a bit pooky.  Don't like being a whinger, but sometimes life is a bit tough and the depression thing gets the better of me.

So I've been trying to focus on the good stuff.  This mostly means the garden.  So here is the house when I moved in:

And here is the house now:

It's only been two years.

Yep, it was greener then.  But the trees are doing very nicely.  Do love the plants.

I have a mad tomato bush producing madly in the back yard and will have to dry some of the fruit.  Lucky me to have dried tomatoes all year.

Otherwise - another job interview tomorrow.  Hope it works out.  It sounds interesting.

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The Elephant's Child said...

Your blog, you are allowed to have down times.

I have a lovely fridge magnet which reads 'If you have a library and a garden, you have all you need'. Clost to the mark too.
You have worked wonders in your garden. Fresh tomatoes. mmmm
Good luck with the interview.