Monday, March 7, 2011

Bowel cancer

It's been interesting to learn that one of the owners of the factory has bowel cancer.  She's the grumpiest and rudest one and she went under the knife today.  The owners told me about this and I'm not sure whether anyone else in the factory knows.  I'm sure we've all been told and have also been told not to tell anyone. Funny situation.

My response was to be very sympathetic to her parents.  They are peculiar people, but I'm sure they are worried sick about their daughter.

The three people I've known who've had this disease have all died in short order.  One was my uncle.  I'd had nothing to do with him for a long time and so regretted his death for my parents.  One was a woman who I looked up to.  We'd parted on difficult terms.  I'd written her a long e-mail thanking her for her support and admiring her abilities.  Unfortunately, my connection was stuffed at the time and it dropped off the face of the planet.  I never got to say thanks.  The third was a really good friend.  He died last year.  When I heard he was sick, I phoned and had a really good chat with him.  I think we both knew it was a goodbye chat.  I really miss him.

So I suppose that I don't expect anything good from a diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Fingers crossed for her.

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