Monday, March 21, 2011

Sensible decisions

When faced with a really tough financial situation - low income and big bills - what should the responsible person do?

I know!  Buy a ridiculously expensive Tassie Oak bookcase for the studio.  Here it is:

A couple of weeks ago I decided to re-arrange a couple of rooms.  These were the studio and the spare room.  The object of the exercise was to move as much stuff as possible into the spare room while still allowing room for the inflatable bed when visitors visit.  Anyway, I ended up with two disaster area rooms.  Sent me into a bit of a tizz.

Funny how this type of situation will give you an idea of how to solve the problem and this idea must be followed through.  I decided I needed a book case for the studio.  Went trolling around furniture shops in Devonport for something appropriate.  Thought I'd pick up something cheap, but it turns out that in order to have adjustable shelves in a book case, one must spend top dollar.  All the cheap stuff had really tiny shelves and I needed space for arty books, which are very often very large.

So there we have it.  I now have a new Tassie Oak book case which both smells and looks gorgeous.  It's locally made out of local products so I can pat myself on the back about supporting the local industry.  Just hope the materials didn't come from high conservation value forests.  (Bugger.  Didn't think of that earlier.)

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