Friday, March 25, 2011


Today I saved the owner of the factory's bacon.

I've managed to overprint over 70 shirts which had been printed in the wrong colour.  The owner had approved a colour which was simply wrong.

Over printing is bloody difficult.  I'd done 62 of 300 in the right colour and today over printed 70 of the 238 which were in the wrong colour.

The client wants 150 shirts early next week.  So I've now managed to get 139 in the state in which they should be.

I told the owner that the number was now 139 in the right colour.  He grunted at me.  Nothing like a 'thanks' coming from that direction.

Thoroughly appalling person.

The good news is that I have an interview for a job in a cultural institution on Monday.

And here's the requisite image:

Thank goodness for the company of the cats.

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Kate Ward said...

congrats on fixing the printing disaster :)

love the image x