Sunday, March 6, 2011

New things

I've just finished my first Tasmanian commission.  Here it is:

It's a banner for a stall at an upcoming market - hanging on the washing line to dry the paint.

I was a bit naughty about this.  The client originally came in to work asking for this to be done as a screen print.  Unfortunately, the technology at the factory doesn't go beyond A4, which was obviously not going to do the trick.  I muttered, under my breath and with my back towards the owners, that I could hand paint it for her.

It's funny doing this sort of stuff.  I'm never entirely happy with the results.  I'd like to take it back and be a bit more creative and accurate with the artwork.  The context isn't important.  I'm a mega sceptic, so it's funny to be doing a banner for this type of thing.  But the client was lovely and it's nice to deal with good people.

Long story short, it's great to get back to doing this sort of thing.  It's about fifteen years since I took on commissions. I used to print hundreds of banners for festivals, and also helped to construct and paint massive (15 x 20 metres) banners for some Sydney Olympic events.  I also made bespoke wedding dresses.  In the interim, I've had a proper and well paid job and haven't needed to get out there and do this sort of thing.

Love the way life changes and moves.  I wonder what will come next.

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Ampersand Duck said...

You know, if you could bear to do the wedding dress thing again, it's about the only industry that's really thriving at the moment. I blame it on Howard's conservative years, lots of young'uns want the white meringue look.